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There are several forms of connection between the loudspeaker and the loudspeaker

If it is a home audio system, it is recommended to connect according to the instructions. Of course, if the power of the amplifier allows, the following connection methods can also be used at the same time. Since the output of the loudspeaker contains an output transformer, for ease of use, there are generally low-voltage and high-voltage windings at the secondary end of the output transformer. The low-voltage winding is suitable for direct connection with low-impedance speakers without the need for line transformers Speakers are generally connected in series), but this method is generally only suitable for less than 30 meters, and the line loss increases sharply beyond this distance. The specific calculation formula is: power P = square of voltage / resistance (impedance of the speaker + resistance of the wire) . The high-voltage winding (120V) output is suitable for long-distance broadcasting. At the speaker end, an inter-transformer must be connected first, the secondary end of the inter-line transformer is connected to the speaker, and the primary end of all inter-line transformers are connected in parallel with the broadcasting line.

Elaborate on the application of microphones in different occasions

There are many applications for wireless microphones, but not all microphones are suitable for all occasions. This has a certain relationship with the size of the space we use, the requirements for sound quality, the application environment and many other aspects. So what kind of wireless microphone is suitable for what occasion where?

What is a good way to solve the microphone noise

With the popularity of microphones, everyone has also discovered a problem, that is, microphone amplifiers often have noise. So, is there any way to solve the microphone noise? Now I will explore solutions from the following six aspects. Microphones are widely used in occasions such as karaoke, home theater, hosting evening parties, and teachers attending classes.

Conference room audio (audio and video) system solutions

The intelligent multimedia conference room audio system realizes the seamless connection between the digital conference system and the central control system, and integrates the sound reinforcement system, conference discussion system, simultaneous interpretation system, voting system, automatic tracking camera system, and multimedia video system. And multiple subsystems such as the network video conference system; under the control of the wireless touch screen, the above subsystems and the entire conference environment are organically combined into a whole through the central integrated control system, realizing the intelligent management of the conference.

What is the difference between WIFI speakers and Bluetooth speakers?

1. Transmission distance: Bluetooth is generally no more than 10 meters (only within the visual distance), WiFi is generally more than 50 meters (through walls).
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