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What are the differences between speakers and speakers

Speaker refers to a device that can convert audio signals into sound. In layman's terms, it means that the main speaker cabinet or the subwoofer cabinet has its own power amplifier. After amplifying the audio signal, the speaker itself will play back the sound to make the sound louder.

Sound system connection plan

Most professional audio systems are composed of unit equipment. After designing the audio system and selecting the equipment to be used according to the requirements of use, these discrete devices should be connected according to the design requirements to form a complete audio system that can meet the design requirements. For a fixed installation system, the equipment should be installed in the cabinet, and all system connections should be fixedly installed in accordance with certain standards and specifications (relevant regulations for building weak current). For mobile systems, such as concerts, outdoor performances and other temporary installations, effective temporary fixation measures should be taken for equipment and cables to ensure their safety. The connection and installation of the sound system involves many engineering issues, including the design and construction of the sound control room, the pipeline engineering of the sound system cable, and the power supply of the system. This section will focus on these engineering issues. The connection of the sound system can generally be divided into three aspects: signal transmission, grounding network and power supply system.

The influence of power supply on audio sound

Ordinary audio players do not consider the power supply in the overall plan of the audio system in their minds. In fact, the performance of the audio system is greatly affected by the quality of the power supply, especially modern high-frequency communication equipment. In the current environment, the pollution of the power supply in the home is becoming more and more serious, which affects the sound performance of the audio system. In order to improve the purity of the power supply, we can consider from many aspects.

The culture behind the sound

Many people regard audio equipment as purely technical electronic products measured by indicators, just like cold instruments. actually not. Although the belly of audio equipment is full of cold, lifeless electronic components, although the specifications of audio equipment are full of "Technical Specifications" expressed in numbers, the audio is used to replay "music". "(Music), not "Sound". Sound is a rational and non-emotional word. Although Music uses Sound to express and uses Sound as a medium, Music conveys human emotions and thoughts. Therefore, behind the audio equipment designed to replay Music, there is culture. , Which embodies the designer's understanding of music and "bel canto". It is not difficult for us to verify and appreciate the culture and aesthetics behind the audio from the audio equipment of European and American countries.

KTV audio debugging

1: Total reverberation volume: ECHO or ECHO VOL This knob can control the direct sound level of reverberation echo, that is, the overall reverberation effect is more or less! Note: There are also two function knobs used with this function-REPEAT (the number of repetitions of reverberation), DELAY (the knob can adjust the length of the reverberation echo extension) these three function knobs must be used together, one missing No, otherwise the effect is not ideal. If you want to debug a more satisfactory effect, you must adjust the three knobs together, repeat the feeling!
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